Ku Ping : Founded in 1977 at Siyuan Road, Hsinchuang City as Plant No. 1, and Plant No.2 was set up at Shinshu Road, Hsinchuang City, in 1999*
Address : No. 5, Lane 302, Shinshu Road, Hsinchuang City, Taipei County
Main products : Lead-Free Div :
Lead –Free Solder Paste, Anti-Oxidation Lead-Free Solder Wire, Lead-Free Flux, etc 
Leaded Div. : 
Micro pitch Solder Bar, Anti-Oxidation Solder Bar, RA Solder Wire, RMA Solder Wire, Wash-free Flux .
Lead Solder Div :
Micro-Pitch Solder Paste, Anti-Oxidation Solder Bar, RA solder wire, RMA solder wire, Wash-free Flux et c.
Main Instrument : 4 sets Solder Wire Production Line, 3 sets Alloy Furnace, 2 sets Solder Paste Processor, 1 set Synthetic Reaction Equipment
Main Instrument : German Atomic Spectrum Analyzer, 205 Viscosity Meter, Insulation Tester, pH meter, Constant Temperature / Humidity Tester, Micro Balance (Electric Scale), Optical Tester, Chemical Lab. ISO 9001 Quality Certification, Patent#5405577 . JP,Patent#2752258。

Our comments : Formulating and manufacturing solder products are a specialized work with high level of difficulty. Manufacturers are numbered, technical level is different, quality varies and applications are wide. In order to assure the quality of solder products, we tracked to the aft part of PCB manufacturing. The aft part process of PCB is frequently troubled with insufficient experience as there are very few instructors guiding in practical term, while scholars focus in theory without actually pointing to the keys. The following are some practical issues: 

Practice Reference :
  • Solder Tip:In determining the cause of preheating, or solder pot temperature or insufficient flux 
    are generally presented, however there are different causes for the forward, 
    backward of middle solder tips.
  • Angle:Solder pot angle can be 3 degree or 6 degree and it depends on whether the 
    solder pot is flat wave or high voltage wave solder pot
  • Solder not Melted:Wrong Reduction Powder may cause many subsequent problems and the 
    causes are mainly adjustment of solder pot and solder impurity.
  • White Powder:Failure in formulating / mixing of Flux leveling agent and solder pot.
  • Solder bead:Inappropriate preheating and solder impurity
  • SMT Solder Bead:Caused by the degrading of solder paste
  • Saturation of soldering point:SMT shall be added with wave soldering after solder bath to saturate the 
    soldering point. It is the ill adjustment of solder pot.

In solving problem, people tend to deal it in one aspect only without overall consideration and the problem may remain unsolved in long period of time. This is due mostly to insufficient experience. Take for instance, in purchasing a lead-free solder pot, the following 3 requirements shall be considered firstly:

  1. No short circuit after going for 1 meter under working temperature of 255 ℃
  2. Reduction of Solder slag shall be 2/3 or more
  3. When solder wave is 5mm high, solder slag shall be flowing backward.

The above are basic requirements that are not impossible. Unfortunately, they are not appeared in textbook. In order to establish a perfect soldering quality standard, we provide practical soldering courses. The following are our service items:

  1. Establishing basic soldering practices and theory
  2. Chemical composition of flux
  3. Sectional analysis of solder pot and practical adjustment
  4. Lead-free solder pot and process precautions
  5. Review and analysis of causes of defects.
  6. Overall structure of SMT solder paste
  7. Metallic analysis

The above services takes 4 hours or longer to complete. By applying our 30-year practical experience, we are prepared to make comprehensive explanation regarding soldering process, from inserted PCB to alloy to chemical and soldering adjustment. We intend to lead you to full understanding and we welcome your questions. Just call us

The following are our product range :

Lead-Free Div:
To meet with the modern environment protection standard, Ku Ping provides quality products in Lead-Free products to satisfy you and your customer. We also are equipped with precision spectrometer to provide control of material for customer during processing.

The most important issue in Lead-Free soldering is the problem brings about by Lead, Cadmium and copper contaminating impurities. It is basically futile in solving it afterward and it is necessary to prevent in advance. Generally, Lead-Free process must have cooperation from vendor of precision analysis instrument.

We have also unique techniques in alloy field and in the application of products, we maintain excellent quality and our products are widely welcome by many customers in HSBIP. We are also capable in providing alloy for other specialized application in Lead-Free Field.