1. Rosin Flux : In traditional application of PCB, such as TV and Radio, it does no harm, only leaving rosin layer on the surface, still if provides good stability. The basic structure is IPA 70% Rosin 30% Activator 0.5%. It is represented by K-500.
  2. Wash-free Flux : It is of organic acid, IPA, Rosin and minimum leveling agent. They are represented by K-565 / K835.
  3. Water washable flux : Organic compound, poly-alcohol and IPA structure, it is represented by K-103.
  4. Aqueous Flux : Structured with organic amine with pure water as base, added with minimum moisture agent. Represented by K-240.
  5. Lead-free Flux : Presently there is no halogen-free, lead-free flux in the world; with the emphasis on lead-free, only bromate salt, bromide and organic acid as synthesis structure. It is represented by 92FT KP-15
  6. Paste flux : Solder paste is the base of flux and designed specially for BGA use. Lead containing flux is represented by K-37, while Lead-free is represented by K-41
  7. Detergent : Generally the best detergent is alcohol and IPA. They are of dual polarity and is applicable for both high and low polarity, but the effect is less than ideal. Hence appropriate amount of solvent is added to IPA to improve. When Environment Protection is key issue, natural citrus oil will be considered to have also the cleaning effect. Representing product is K-352.
  8. Thinner : Since Flux is IPA based, it should stay with IPA, and adding fragrant and number would not have practical importance. Aqueous Flux is added with 10-20% pure water as thinner. The representative product is IPA.
Feature Features of rosin flux
Color、Shape Solid content Content of halogen Insulation resistant
Expansion rate Erosion Frostion surface Cleaning Foaming
K-500 Slightly 
20% 0.83±5%
0.15 3x1012 over 96 over Passed Brightness
Washable Excellent
K-100 Slightly 
10% 0.81 0.15 3x1012 over 96 over Passed Glossy Washable Excellent
K-835 Transparent 3% 0.8 0.1 3x1012 over 95 over Passed Glossy Non-Washable Excellent
K-565 Transparent 0% 0.79
0.1 3x1012 over 94 over Passed No Non-Washable Good