Product No. Color Solid content proportion Salt content Remark
92FT Slight yellowish 8% 0.81 0.07% Low residue Wash-free
KP-15 Light yellowish 5% 0.8 0.06% Wash-free
K-37 Light yellowish 65% High viscosity RMA0.2% BGA Leaded
K-41 Light Yellowish 60% Hi viscosity RMA0.2% BGA Leaded

Lead-free flux :

There is no lead-free flux without halogen. Under the requirement of lead-free, only bromate, bromide and organic acid as the structure of synthesis. The representing ones are 92FT KP-15

Paste Flux :

Basically paste flux is structured in Solder Paste Flux and is specially made for BGA applications. The lead containing paste flux is represented by K-37 and lead free is K-41